Books, Books and More Books!

So my wonderful sister-in-law moved to California about three years ago, and she unable to take anything with her. Like me, she was a great fan of owning many, many books. Those said books, have sadly been reboxed, carted around, and crying in a lonely corner. She came up with letting me get them all, us going through them on Skype, and then if I sent the ones she wanted, I got to keep/sale the rest.

YAHOO! I had move several boxes in the room they were in, go through them all, and find about 15 boxes full of books that I had to cart to the living room. I finally recruited help getting them to my car, and then carted them into my house. We went through them all, and I would up keeping about 70 books!!! I am so excited. Several I have read before, but many I have not, so book reviews galore shall be coming this summer.

I sent her books Tuesday, and Thank GOD for Media Mail. If we had sent it standard, the big box would have cost about $85. Luckily, it was only $23. There was a smaller box with the about seven I could not fit in the other (By the way, dear sister-in-law, you should take a pretty picture of how neatly I packed them when you get it 😛 ), and that was about $7. Lovely days.

So, everyone is happy, with books galore, and the poor things are finally serving their original purpose, no longer sad and alone, feeling left out and discarded.

Above is my two current book shelves. Sadly we have no room for any more, or anywhere else, though I’m thinking I may be able to put two into my living room… and we are going to build shelves in this space so I can take full advantage of the whole area! I have many, many books. I actually sold about 115 a little while ago to a friend that is teaching high school and wanted some books for a classroom library – and I had been thinking about getting rid of some I would never read again. And after getting the books from my sister-in-law, I have pulled out another fifty.

Fun day.



3 thoughts on “Books, Books and More Books!

  1. I desperately want new book shelves. The ones I have now are cheep things from Walmart. I’ll probably move within the next year or two. When that happens, I plan to throw out what I have and get something nice and sturdy.


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