Writing Challenge: Day 9 – A story in 250 words or less about your favorite city

First off – This is my favorite city I have ever been to: http://www.occoquanva.gov/ — Occoquan, Va.  It’s historical, quaint, beautiful, and if I ever moved, I hope it would be to something like this. http://historicoccoquan.com/  Washington, DC is a close second.

(As a side note, favorite city I have not been to… London, England, or Paris, France, or MataMata, New Zealand.)

The clouds had imprisoned the sky the day that we visited Occoquan. It was a small quaint city, full of interesting shops, beautiful homes, historic sites, and a rushing river. Perhaps it was even my favorite place I had traveled to so far (not that there is a lot of competition).

One of my favorite memories of this place mostly revolves around being a happy family, for once in my life. I wish my husband could have been there, but it was pretty awesome all the same. My sister (Becky), her husband (Chris), my mom (Suzanne), and her boyfriend (David) were all there with me. We traveled from shop to shop, looking in and finding out what was what. There was even a little Wiccan shop, on the second level of this old building, with two giant fat cats you could play with.

Everyone was super friendly, and the food was delicious. If I could move somewhere, this would be it.

My favorite moment was when my mother came out of “Ye Olde Dominion Wine Shoppe” with two cases that held two wines a piece. There had been a free wine tasting, and mom greatly enjoyed several, if you can’t tell. We were telling her that she had become a wino and all laughing. You could hear the river running past us, and we were surround by the history of America. It was one of the best days ever.


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