Writing Challenge: Day 8 – Write a prequel to that Superhero. Pre-Superhero life. Maybe their childhood.

Kari wondered around the backyard, looking at all the different flowers her mother had planted.  It was a hot, smothering day, and she wished that she could just go inside and read. Still, her mother insisted on her having time to spend outside, and enjoying “nature.”  As a matter of fact, her mother was weeding the garden in the front yard. At least she didn’t have to do that.  Blarg.

The moment that she felt the wind stirring, she got excited.  She wasn’t supposed to do it. She really wasn’t. But it was so hot… so hot… and surely just once? Her mother couldn’t get mad, if she just did it once… They lived in the middle of no where… no one would see her…

And so off Kari took.  She raised up from the ground, spinning round and round, stirring the wind into a fury. A whirlwind of dust, leaves, grass and tiny insects spun around her, cooling her off, and tangling her hair.  “KARI!”

Everything fell. Including Kari. She knew now that there was going to be trouble. Laying on the ground, she looked up at her mother, studying the worry on her face.  It wasn’t anger. She was surprised.


“Honey.  Oh lord.”  She grabbed her, and held her close. “You can’t do that. You can’t use your powers. You have to promise me. Never again.”

“But moooom”



“Honey… there are people in this world who will do things you do not want to know.  We are hiding from them, your father and I.” Kari nodded. She knew it was something like this. “There are times when there will be no choice, and you must use your powers. But for heat, or just because, we cannot show who or what we are. We cannot, Kari. You must promise me.”

“Yes mommy.”

(Okay, I’m not so fond of this story, but anyways. Must do some stuff at work. Off I go!)


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