Writing Challenge: Day 7 – Create a superhero. Have he/she save the day.

The wind ruffled through her hair, reminding her there was a storm coming. She loved storms; watching the lightning was a favorite past time.

“Charlie! It is time to come inside.  The storm is coming.”  Kari yelled to her son.  He had been playing outside all day, since the clouds had made it the perfect weather.  Usually summer in Kentucky was miserable early on, but today was pretty decent.

“Okay mom, in a just a minute.”

She was glad her son liked to play outside at least.  Most kids sat for hours staring at their computers, or video games. She had made sure early on that it was not an option. As an added bonus, her husband now got off his butt more often and went outside as well.  The dishes were almost finished, thank god.  She just had to do one more load in the dishwasher, and then get the laundry going. Her days off always seemed to be catchup, but lately it was getting better.  Sean was supposed to be home in a couple of hours and they were going to play a board game and eat nachos.  Quality family time.  Life couldn’t be better.

It was at that moment that Kari heard something hard hit the house.  Jerking she looked outside, and saw off in the distance a tornado, swirling, twisting, forming.  The funnel was reaching towards the ground, eagerly calling up every loose piece it could to wrap around it, gathering momentum.  She paused for the briefest of seconds, before she looked towards her son.  He was frozen in place, staring at this terrible, mesmerizing force of nature.

It took no time at all for her to give up her promise.  Her son was more important to her than anything else, including promises made to others.  Grabbing the dog, that luckily was barking at her feet, she flew, literally flew, out the door, and as she grabbed her son, his look of astonishment was almost worth the reveal of her power.  Kari fought the tornado’s pull, and went into their storm cellar, shutting the door, and hoping her cats would be okay.


Thankfully, the tornado missed her house. Her husband hadn’t left from work yet, so he was safe as well.  Charlie was full of questions, asking what she could do, and why had she never done it before. It took a long time to explain that the past was the past, and there were reasons she was supposed to keep what she could do a secret.  He finally promised to keep it to himself, excited to be the keeper of such a secret.


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