Writing Challenge: Day 2 – Write a Fanfic

Writing challenge day 2 is certainly a challenge (and I’m behind. At work I had to tutor lots and lots of math, I had a job interview, and I had to work on the work schedule), as I really do not like fanfiction all that much.  So here it goes…

Day 2: Fanfiction
The house stood in the middle of a field, shooting into the sky. It was an odd sight to those who were unused to peculiar things, a grey stone tower with an almost normal type house sticking out from the front. A creek ran close by, its babblings drifting over in the air. Luna played in the flower beds right outside the door, stacking rocks and looking for the strange creatures she had heard her father mentioning over breakfast. She couldn’t remember their name, but she was sure if she looked long enough she would come across one and then she could give to her daddy for a present.

“Luna!’ Come inside, it’s time for lunch.” Giving up on her search, and fearing she would have to travel further from home to find such things anyways, Luna gently moved the stones she had stacked, and skipped up the stairs to go inside. Her father was right in the doorway, fixing to holler for her again. Luna knew that her father had expected her to take longer to come inside. She usually ignored his first summons.

“Ah, there you are. Come on, come on, and let’s go get your mother.” Luna began to hum, as she followed her father through the living room and kitchen, onto the round staircase that led to the second level. Luna loved their house, with its twisting spirals, and her bedroom was the best, because it was at the very top. On rainy days she would read and watch the drops land on her windows.

“Honey, it’s time for lunch! Quit your experiments and…” Reaching the second level, she was right behind on her father on the top stairs, when suddenly a loud explosion rocked the house. Luna lost her footing and fell down the stairs, and as the world faded to darkness, she wondered if she would ever see her mother again.


Luna heard sounds before she opened her eyes. There was rustling, and the sounds of wood popping. She opened her eyes to a haze of dust, and was unable to see anything past the bottom of the stairs. “Daddy? Mommy?”

“Luna? Luna, are you okay? I will be there as quickly as I can honey.”

Slowly, Luna sat up and looked around. The first level looked fine besides the haze. As she looked up the stairs, she realized she couldn’t see anything for the wood and stuff that covered the opening. “Daddy? Is mommy okay?”

There was a long pause, and Luna was beginning to be afraid that something had also happened to her father. As she started to say daddy again, he finally replied. “Luna… I … honey, I will be right there.” It was at the moment that Luna knew her whole world had changed, and as she sat propped up against the last step, and her dad struggled to move the beams with his wand, tears began to fall. She tried to stop, knowing her dad would need her more than ever now, but she could only remember that last glimpse she had of her mother’s hair when her world had been shattered.

The rustlings upstairs had quieted, and when Luna looked up, her father had managed to make it most of the way through. She stood up, wiping her hands across her face, and looked around. It was at that moment that she saw her mother’s earrings on the table. Luna picked up the radishes, and slowly put them in her own ears. With a deep breath, she turned, and walked up the stairs to help her father.


What do you think?

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