Writing Challenge: Day 1 – Rewrite a Classic Fairy Tale

Writing Challenge:


Rewrite a Fairy Tale:
Sleeping Beauty

     The land rejoiced, singing its joy for the royal birth of Princess Aurora. Citizens came from the surrounding countryside, sharing stories and warmth for their King and Queen. The castle bristled with sound, songs and merry chatter, as fellow royals and citizens gathered in the high hall to follow the procession. Queen Leah watched over her daughter, sleeping soundly in the cradle, as face after face passed by offering their blessings. She was still in wonder at the creation that her and Stefan had created, and wished to share her own happiness with everyone else. The kingdom was secure, an heir was born, and now they could reunite the two kingdoms by marriage.
Leah watched as all passed by, wondering where her best friend Mel was. It had been a few months since she had seen her, before Mel suddenly appeared the night she went into labor, and stayed by her side. Mel had guarded her, helping relieve the pain of childbirth, and assuring her that everything was going to be all right. After four painful hours, Leah delivered Aurora, the promised daughter they had prayed for. As quickly as she had appeared, Mel was gone, faded into the twilight falling on the castle. Leah had waited for her to return, but lost in the love she shared with her husband for their daughter, she had forgotten until now.
It was at that moment that the three fairies of their Kingdom, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, appeared to give their blessings to their daughter. Flora was dressed in flowing dark red fabrics, her wings arching from her back like a butterfly’s. Fauna seemed to be dressed in many varieties of feathers, in ranging colors of green, and her wings more closely resembled a bird’s. Merryweather wore light blue fabrics, gossamers and tulle, as light as air and flowing as water, her wings glittering in the light. The hall quieted as everyone waited for the faeries to give their blessings.
“To Aurora,” announced Flora, “I shall give the gift of beauty, so that all shall love her, and she shall grace the land and hear its call.” With a wave of her hand, she drew a rose above the cradle, which slowly fell and dissolved over the princess.
“To Aurora,” followed Fauna, “I shall give the gift of song, so that she may sing for those she loves and understand the song of the Earth.” With a wave of her hand, she drew a harp, which followed the rose, misting over the cradle.
“To Aurora,” began Merryweather, but she was interrupted. A dark mist rose up from the floor, revolving and growing beside the cradle, and Queen Leah who stood behind it. Having seen this before, Leah simply said into the shocked silence, “Mel?” as a figure stepped out of the darkness. Before the three fairies, the queen and the princess stood a figure dressed in black, layers of netting and silk. Her hair hung in a braid with spikes down to her waist, and on her head was placed a crown of thorns. Her green eyes burned straight at the queen. “Leah.”
“I don’t understand. What is wrong? Why have you appeared like this? Why have you not been here?”
“Because she is unwelcome.” Flora had walked towards Mel as she appeared, placing herself between the woman and the child.
“I have never said that she is unwelcome,” answered the queen. King Stefan had come forward as Mel appeared, and now he stood beside the queen.
“No, you have not, I shall give you that,” replied Mel. “We have been friends for many years, you and I, Leah. And yet,” Mel said, turning into a whisper, “you have never seen me for what I am, or returned the love that I feel for you. I am not just Mel. My name is Maleficent. I am the queen of the forest, and today I shall give my own… blessing to the child.”
Flora made as if to make a move, as did the King. “Do not bother. Your presence cannot stop me, and your powers are not great enough. As I remember the love I have for you, Queen Leah, I shall kill the child. But on her sixteenth birthday she shall fall into a deep trance, unable to awake but for true love from another. Let her not live the life I have, hidden in secret.



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