Review (sorta); Wolf Whistle

Wolf Whistle and Other Things

So the book this week was Wolf Whistle.  I have to say, though it had beautiful descriptions, I am not a fan of this novel.  It deals with Emmett Till’s death, and honestly after reading To Kill A Mockingbird I do not think that any book could compare with it.  That, and I do not like the way he dealt with Emmett and the story within the novel even though I understood what and why he was doing. It just was not my kind of book. Having said that, many people in the class loved it, and it is one of my teacher’s favorites.  You should read it and form your own opinion. I will say that there is a wonderful scene with buzzards, flowing description, and my favorite scene involves a random father and his child asking him random questions. 

Starting back with last week, I opened our electric bill to find it was $400.  I had a panic attack. Remember all my trouble with our air? Yeah, well, it wasn’t fixed.  We called a different guy and I found out that it is stuck in AC mode so we were heating and cooling our house at the same time. It’ll be 350 dollars to fix it.  Yeah.  Not happy.

I presented at the REACH conference at WKU Saturday.  I did okay, not my best, but then it wasn’t my best paper either.  So, I ate lunch and headed home – I was exhausted. I spent the rest of the night cleaning, so my house looks pretty good. Well, except for where Sean’s lovely dog just tore paper up all over the floor -sighs-.  Sunday, I found out that my car is leaking transmission fluid and I’m going to have to keep my eye on it until my father-in-law has time to look at it. And it’s snowing, for the love of all that is holy.  I WANT SPRING!!!! And my favorite two sayings so far, “Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk,” And “Brace Yourself. Winter is still here for some reason.”

I am obsessed with Les Mis.  I watched the movie and the extras Friday when I got home – Love Heather for buying the deluxe edition for me from Target.  I also got the book for eight dollars and I’m reading that this summer. I’m listening to the soundtrack right now!  I cannot wait to read the book.  

I panicked myself into a corner Thursday I was so upset about the bill, that I wound up taking my midterm today in Brit Lit. My teacher was pretty awesome about it. I think there were like four of us making it up.  I’ve been exhausted all day.  Dr. Berry even noticed it.  I livened up while eating in the car after class, but quickly flattened back out. I’m thinking I’ll be asleep by ten. I’ve got to start A Visit From the Goon Squad tonight too.  Ah, well. I did however have a moment of poetic inspiration. It isn’t finished but I’ll end with what I wrote (recorded) in the car:

I find myself lost

In these poetic moments,

Disjointed seconds,

As the light flicks over me,

And the darkness closes in.

Who has the right?

The right to be my voice

What can one say and

When does one have a choice?

The silver droplets fall,

They slide over my skin,

And in this moment I am infinity

And in this moment I am the end.

I pray to the Gods,

To all those above,

To the ones below

And the ones I’ve left in love.

How can I say all these things that I feel?

And where do these moments go,

When there is nothing that is real?


What do you think?

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