Review: A Shiver Of Light

ImageI was very excited about the newest LKH book coming out, as I have read all of the Merry Gentry books, as well as her Anita Blake books.  I was looking forward to the happy arrival of Merry’s children, and hopefully, a happy time for her and her men.  I was you now, as River Song loves to say, SPOILERS!

I shall sum up this book for you very shortly: I had my babies, They have powers – OMG I’m so hormonal, I’m going to cry randomly and have the same convos 50 times – oh everyone tells me how great I am – look at how sexy all the fey/sidhe are and now I shall describe all the clothes/hair/eyes in the world more than once – finally I get to have some kind of sex, God how we have missed sex – Taranis sucks – Sholto dies – Merry sort of deals with all the problems all in two chapters/in the last ten pages of the book in a summary.

Yep. That was pretty much it. 340 pages.  Most of the plot occurs in the last twenty or less.  Cool, huh? Not really. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved Princess Meredith NicEssus, and all her men.  The world of faerie has been fantastic, but after a while, the constant descriptions of tricolored eyes, and fantastic hair, amazing bodies, etc. etc. begin to drive you crazy.

Not only that, but the sex was getting to be too much of the story for me – I realize she needed to get pregnant, but lord, other stuff was going on!!!  LKH has begun to reign in the sex in the AB books, thank god. It was to the point in those that any time you opened a book you landed on a sex scene.

Overall, I greatly disappointed in this book. I still enjoyed it, but Meredith was lost to her hormones a little too much. Also, though Meredith constantly sees her downfalls, or mainly, what she sees as her ugliness and nonsidheness, not so much anything else, everyone else is almost constantly praising how good she is, how diplomatic, loving, caring, and ruthless when needed.  It does wear on a person. I can understand why people are loyal to her without them constantly expressing it.  Merry manages to have the same conversations in every book, and also over and over again as well.  The storyline has been played – please lay it to rest.  Or at least mention it less or more in passing.

Finally… Sholto. I’m rather pissed about this one. His death honestly came as a shock, and most of all – it felt like it was just really about shock value.  Yes, his death sort of made her make a decision she needed to make… but not even really that. She was pushed to the decision of what to do to Taranis mainly because she had to save herself.  So again, his death seems a waste.  It leads others to have the idea that Meredith is causing them to become mortal – as Frost now has a very normal, human infection, so must now be completely mortal.  Which also baffles me. I don’t understand the logic behind this sometimes.  Frost gets a normal infection, so must now be completely mortal and grow old as quickly as Meredith… or not???  Also – Sholto may have been, but the wound was fierce and he may not have been able to recover from it anyways… or not?  Things like this bother me.

Overall… I give 2/5 stars. I was just too disappointed. But read it.  Hopefully, things get better later.


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