Fall 2012 Reading

Fall Reading List

Okay, so this is just my Summer reading list continued into another semester. I think in January next year, I will just start a new reading list for the whole year. If you don’t want to know anything about the books, I will occasionally have major spoilers, as a WARNING!

Anita Blake Series: http://www.laurellkhamilton.org/works/

1. Guilty Pleasures (8/31/12) -287-
So, I am rereading the Anita Blake books. I must say that I love them as much as I ever did.  As always, I’m attracted, I think, to characters who aren’t sure what to do as they change and life changes.  Anita is certain in the first book that there are bad and good guys.  By book three, she will be realizing this isn’t always true.  Anita Blake is hilarious, full of sarcasm, and she collects Stuffed Toy Penguins. Oh wait that’s it. I love her for that, 😛  Penguins!  Someone else who collects Penguins. Of course, she’s cooler and tougher than I will ever be.  Still, it’s awesome.  In this book she deals with master vampires, and kills the big bad evil, as always.  Anita is a zombie queen.  The writing is well done, and progressive. Yep. I just don’t have a lot to say on this one. Read them!

2. The Laughing Corpse (9/2/12) -285-
This book definitely covers the gruesome world.  A zombie rises and the raiser loses control. It proceeds to eat people. Lots of people. By tearing them apart. Hamilton can really manage to detail the sick and disgusting.  If you are squeamish, don’t read them.  Luckily, I manage.  Anita is still dealing with Jean-Claude.  I’m happy to say that I have read books further in the series (I’m honestly not sure how far I read. Darn it, why I haven’t I been doing this longer?).  Anyways, I really like the characters in this book, as well as the story lines.  I do know that sometimes I hate hearing the same details repeated about characters, RPIT and other things. I understand she has to, in case people just picked up the book. Still, it can be annoying anyways.

3. Circus of the Damned (9/3/12) -288-
I find it interesting that at the end of every book, Hamilton has started including notes.  Different insights. This is the last book that has Anita sure of what is evil or good.  I must say, that as the world evolves, it is interesting to see the decisions that the characters make.  In this book Anita is fooled by a master vampire over a million years old.  I find that in every book, the crimes and the violence and the sexual tension grow.  Not every crime has to be as gruesome, but each strikes at different truths. As with the Rachel Morgan book, I find it fun to imagine what life would be like in the modern world if such creatures were real (they might be) and if we knew about them. I truly believe that the US would let the vampires become citizens and have rights. Obviously I love the writing. Read the book!

4. The Lunatic Cafe (9/6/12) -312-
I should have reviewed this one as soon as I wrote it.  Of course, Anita is always challenging others.  She’s a smart aleck.  She’s brave beyond belief, even if some of it comes from being down right stubborn.  The shapeshifters take a larger role in this book and she finally starts to see Richard for the werewolf he is. I’ll admit it right now that he was never really a favorite of mine.  He is just too condemning of Anita. It would never work.  Of course, that’s a huge spoiler, because I’m pretty sure at some point they break up. Anyways, I like Jean Claude.  Ah well.  The things people will resort too are always astounding.  Amazingly, even though I know these crimes can’t be committed, others just as shocking are.  The world is insane. Now add the monsters.

5. Bloody Bones (9/10/12) -336-
I really need to stop reading during the semester. There is a reason I normally don’t. -sighs- So this may be the last at least for a week.  Heh.  Anyways, The Anita books are always amazing.  I get drawn into the story and I have to keep reading. It takes true will power to lay them down to do something else, like sleep or homework.  I like this especially because it introduces the world of the fey into the mix.  I love these books because there are all new concepts, like rotting vampires, special powers, and necromancers.  Of course, Anita’s power is growing as well. These books always surprise you. I do know that the sex starts soon in the books, and I warn you, if you are faint of heart, do not read them.  I read many of them when I was in high school and small things start coming back to me. It’s weird.

6. The Killing Dance (9/17/12) -354-
This is the book where things begin to be amped up.  I really like Edward. But he informs Anita that there is a hit out on her and from there things go crazy. Edward comes to town to help her, because as normal, he can kill more things if he keeps her alive, than if he tries to kill her. For whatever reason, Edward also interests me. He’s a crazy but not so crazy character who fills a purpose and is unlike many others you read about. I like him.  Anita likes him, though she is wary of him.  This book is of course all about finding out about the hit, and trying to cure Richard of his squimishness.  This is also the first book we finally have a sex scene. Trust me, honey, it goes down from there. Eventually these books turn into a book that you can open just about anywhere and find a sex scene. And Hamilton is inventive. Really inventive. It’s also just downright interesting plot, so you keep on trucking.

7. Burnt Offerings (9/21/12) -375-
 This is the book when the council comes to visit. It is very interesting. I have to say, that Hamilton manages to transform the world of vampires into something new. I would say I’m dadgum tired of vampires but I love Hamilton’s books. It helps that she has necromancers, shape shifters and all manner of supernatural (preternatural) creatures.  There is also something that is always new, always unexpected that Anita has to deal with.  These book manage not to be one story dragging on forever, but individual stories that coincide with the same character. I don’t mind how many of them there are. You could stop whenever you want to. But who wants to?  This books are wonderful.

8. Blue Moon (9/24/12) -396-
This book delves more deeply into Anita’s and Richard’s proplems.  Richard has some serious issues in accepting himself and who he is.  He also cannot accept Anita.  They keep falling into each other though, and this time, Anita has run to his rescue even though they aren’t currently together. This book brings in Demons for the first time, which was really interesting. It also answers some religious questions for Anita.  I liked this book quite a bit, but then I like all of them. Honestly, I’m getting tired of Richard. His self-denial is just darn annoying. Go figure.  Anita loves him though, and it’s insane to see what they try to do to be with each other. Oh, and the munin.  That is some interesting stuff.

9. Obsidian Butterfly (No clue) -556-
 New monsters, new town, new vampires.  This book concerns Edward. I like Edward, as I have stated but he has got himself into some serious stuff, and he calls Anita in. It deals with their relationship’s, Ted (Edward’s legal personality) and his new problems, and the new big bad that is trying to take over this part of town.  I must say that the new abilities are really cool. Anita is also still trying to figure herself out and what is going on. She learns in this book that she has to stop running from herself.  I love this book simply because I got to learn more about Edward, and Anita sees a whole new side of him. The idea of soul mate is also brought up and that was incredibly interesting. This may be one of my favs of the Anita Blake series.

10. Narcissus in Chains (10/13/12) -551-
This book had some warped stuff.  I haven’t mentioned but slowly and surely sex is coming up more and more in these books. Anita has finally given in and come back to the guys. She’s stopped running, and it’s nice.  I love that Anita is always changing, having to learn to accept who she is and everything that means. Micah is a new character and I really like him.  This is a great book, full of Jean-Claude and all the others I like. SPOILER ALERT – Richard and Anita are finally over in this book and I’m happy. I was just so over him.  He finally accepted himself, but he cannot accept Anita and it pisses me off. END SPOILER.  On another note, these books are getting harder to read in public. They are kinda turning into porn.

11. Cerulean Sins (Not sure) -560-
 This is really the first book that Anita has to deal with vampires directly in Europe.  Musette, Belle Morte’s stand in, comes to see Jean Claude.  There are some interesting discoveries made in this book, and Anita truly has to walk a fine line in dealing with Musette, and Belle. Vampire Politics are very confusing, but I suppose after hundreds of years they would be.  She is also having to deal with being happy for the first time and figuring out exactly what that means.  This book was really good, and I can’t remember all the major details because somehow I forgot to list it. Which probably means I’m reading way too much this semester. Go me!

12. Incubus Dreams (10/25/12) -702-
So, first off, this book seriously amps up the sex levels.  Anita winds up having sex with … three or so more people and one when they are furry.  Still, she makes leaps and bounds with two of her relationships and Richard finally seems to come around to everything a little bit more.  She forges her own triumvirate, which is really cool.  There are new leaps and hurdles they have to find.  I liked this book more because it focused on them, more than the murder investigation that was going on at the moment.  I really liked that.  I’m missed Edward a lot. Have I mentioned that? Dadgum it, he needs to show up again.  This book and sex…. lord it’s some interesting stuff.  Really makes you wonder about some of the things and whether or not to try them….

13. In The Sanctuary of Outcasts by Neil White (10/27/12 ) -309-
This is creative nonfiction and though I’m not happy with the genre right now I am enjoying this book.  You can see him changing through his experiences and I like it. I also am a people watcher so it’s interesting to see the “lepers” from his point of view. The memories and the changes that Neil White goes through are very worth reading.  His love for his children is touching and his own problems and choices as he looks back upon them makes us feel for him.  Overall, I mostly loved the stories of the people surrounding him more than than his own hangups.  He screwed up majorly – but then we all do.  This Sanctuary seems like a lovely place.  The story is touching, and teaching. It’s worth the read, and it doesn’t take that long.

 14. Micah (10/28/12) -109-
I was supposed to stop reading for this weekend, and then I figured out that this book was only 109 pages…. so I read it. I remember my boss was pissed because this book cost just as much as the ones that were 500 pages.  Which isn’t fair.  Still, as I said on the last, it was really great to focus on Anita and her life whether than the crime being committed. It was even better to see Anita alone with only one of the men in her life: Micah. It allowed room for him to grow as a character, and we learn more about his past.  it also allowed us a chance to see them together, how they interact and what that means.  There was also a very long steamy sex scene. I mean, she can’t write one book without it. I get it dealing with Anita’s powers and all, it’s just so far from where Anita began, it sometimes really is crazy.


15. Danse Macrebre (Not Sure) -576-
This is the giant scare for Anita.  After having crazy amounts of sex, even on the pill, she hits a pregnancy scare.  She has to make some huge decisions, and also deal with growing levels of power for all concerned.  She has about ten different men to worry about being the father, she’s having to deal with her animals trying to pick their own mates, and her body continually trying to shift even though it cannot.  This is an interesting book because it looks upon the lifestyles as well as each man and how willing they are to help Anita.  It gives a whole new side to many of them, and once again makes me want to punch Richard in the face.  I’m always wanting to punch Richard in the face.

16. The Harlequin (11/13/12) -448-
EDWARD WAS BACK!!!! Yep, I was so happy!  I love Edward. I love him even more after book.  I think that Hamilton is exploring telling more of just Edward’s story in the comic books or whatever, and that I would love to read.  Cause I love Edward.  Oh, and this book makes me want to punch Richard in the face even more.  I love as well the fact that you learn even more about vampire culture in this novel, and the Mother of All Darkness.  There are some pretty giant revels in this book, Anita learns to be okay with being happy for the most part, and new power levels are reached, as always.  It’s pretty dadgum awesome.  GO THIS BOOK!

17. Blood Noir (11/18/12) -326-
This book allows us to see more of Anita and Jason. I really like Jason.  He’s awesome and his relationship with Anita grows in this book, which makes me happy.  Richard also takes another huge tumble into nothing, and I’m glad when he makes fewer and fewer appearances.  There is just so much of that you can stand.  The book also deals more with The Mother of All Darkness.  The interest of the ultimate vampire in Anita Blake is very interesting.  Anita travels to a small town so that Jason can visit his dying father.  He winds up in huge trouble because he looks just like someone. Trouble follows Anita everywhere she goes.  There is very little interaction with Jean-Claude and this has pretty much been the case for awhile. I’m missing him a bit.

18. Skin Trade (11/20/12) -486-
In this a previous serial killer comes back and sends Anita a gift in a box. She has to travel to Las Vegas to deal with it and it causes her problems with Jean Claude.  Edward comes back in this book. Have I mentioned how much I love Edward?   This book wasn’t was great as the others, but Edward makes up for it.  From the reviews I saw it apparently didn’t go over well with other readers.  At least there was a tad bit least sex in this book.  I do think Hamilton seriously needs to tone down the land of Sex in the books. I understand that Anita has sexual powers and all that jazz, but it gets a bit ridiculous when I feel like I’m just reading porn.

19. Flirt (11/23/12) -117-
This book was a nice aside.  However, the person who bought it on their nook was pissed because it is only 117 pages and it cost as much as all the rest.  It was a small look into Anita’s mind, new developments in her power, as always, and of course, it had to have one sex scene.  I’m actually a bit tired of the sex.  There’s just so much of it.  That and Hamilton loves to describe in minute detail every single person that Anita comes close to (especially men) in over detail and immediately.  It is almost annoying how obsessed she is with eyes.  At the same time, I understand it.  Still crazy however.  It is a short book.  We get new Lions.  We learn a little more about another community, though there were some unanswered questions. I’m still waiting for a blow up fight between Anita and Jean Claude because he’s not but been barely mentioned in the past three or four books. 😦

20. Bullet (—) -356-
I’m currently reading this. I must say that I am tired of the blasted clothing descriptions. I seriously just went through about ten pages of nothing but descriptions of how hot the guys who surround her on and everything they are wearing down to their shoes. The shoes which she had already mentioned.  NO ONE CARES THAT MUCH!  In the beginning it was kinda neat. During huge functions, it’s awesome.  Just for one meeting, no one cares what color shirt everyone has. And I have heard the description of Micah’s eyes so many times I hate them.  Once a book is just dandy fine.  -sighs-  More on the book later.

21. Hit List (—-) -320-

22. Kiss The Dead (—) -368-

23. A Kiss of Shadows ( ? ) -480-

24. A Caress of Twilight (12/29/12) -368-

25. Seduced By Moonlight (12/30/12) -432-

26. A Stroke of Midnight (12/31/12) -416-

For School: (I’m not including all of them but the ones that are more like novels)

1. Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell -213-
This book was way better than I ever expected. It’s a work of creative nonfiction, and it comes from the writers own past during the Great Depression. The story is well written and he tells the simple truths of life.  From being so poor that you have to beg for money (which is illegal), sell yourself, sell your possessions, try to get any job possible, or simply wander around from spike to spike, forced to ramble because of government rules against tramps.  It’s heatbreaking, soul-searching pain, full of memories, tears, and the compelling force that just makes someone want to live.  Really, read it. Even if you aren’t interested in history (heck, I’m not even fond of modern history), it’s an amazing story.

2. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott -237-
This also was much better than I thought it would be. It’s a book about how to write, which I usually hate. However, she uses her own life, memories and thoughts to convey how she writes and what worked best for her. She isn’t so much demanding you write a certain way, but giving ideas on how to make yourself a writer. It has nothing to do with writing style. Simple rules, instead, like writing a little bit every day, keeping index cards to write down ideas, not worrying about publishing because it isn’t the end all of all things like you think it is, but to write for yourself because it’s what you enjoy.  She shared some beautiful memories and her personality shines through her writing like a beacon of hope to other lost writers.  If you like to write at all, I would actually recommend this book.

3.  The Beautiful Mrs. Seidenman: A Novel by Andrze Szcypiorski -208-
This was an interesting take on Poland during WWII. The characters are look backwards from after the war, during communist war, onto the past of WWII and the Nazi rule.  The different feelings, characters of all religions, and people from all sides really gives a different take on how to feel about the Nazis during WWII and truly proves that not all Nazis were Jew-haters and terrible people.  Sometimes people are forced into actions that they do not wish to do, and other times they simply are trying to survive themselves.  This really was a great piece of work and I really enjoyed reading it.

Total Pages: 10,781


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